Define 'Great'.

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When someone says, “MAGA! Let’s Make America Great (again!)”, what do they really mean?

Because personally, my first thought is, “great at what, exactly?”

Of course, since the creator of that slogan either won’t (or can’t) define it, allow me to humbly suggest we become “great” at these things, first:

Great At?

Great at arresting (stopping) a President who’s behavior and statements seeks to incite the very worst behavior from the ugliest and most deplorable people our society has to offer.

Great at calling out and rejecting the behavior and person who is “a creepy, malignant narcissist who seeks always to divide and then exploit; a compulsive liar and facilitator of overt and subtle racism; and—

Where There is Nothing Great

There is NOTHING GREAT about a President who encourages his mindless supporters and enablers to KILL other Americans;

There is NOTHING GREAT about a President who betrays the trust of all Americans; lies to us about the severity of pandemic and a disease that kills, and has killed almost 200,000 citizens.

There is NOTHING GREAT about a President who exchanges “love letters” with a terrible dictator; and “thinks it’s cool” when that dictator refers to him as “Your Excellency”.

GREATNESS **is** achievable

We need only return to a pledge to become a nation that doesn’t just claim it is great, but one that in the very first place, meets at least the minimum bar of what is even acceptable, and only then works to build a nation that is plainly GREAT, and in the many ways that the whole world respects, and would hope to emulate in their own country.

Trump & Family IS GREAT… at breaking vital functions and institutions within our Federal Government, at eliminating oversight and firing inspectors so they can line their own pockets, at colluding with our enemy’s governments and learning from dictators, at allowing everyone on their team grift in any way, provided they can get away with it…

Donald Trump does great things for Donald Trump, and as long as he follows the orders and does the dirty work of the most powerful and richest politically conservative people the world has ever seen. Those who never dreamed they would get such a tool in place, but quickly saw the potential once such a miracle took place. They didn’t hesitate to hold their nose and they don’t worry themselves about all of the damage being done in the process, all of it collateral to them and their sole interests.

Those like the ultra-conservative Mercers, and the Koch brothers, the true oligarchy and people who want only the GREATEST POSSIBLE power and control over our freedoms, purely so that they can continue to exploit, cheat, escape justice, remain corrupt and take and take and take for years to come, only using the rest of us only as long as we remain mostly productive tools who help them get richer, and as long as keep our mouths shut.

I’m proud to see people fighting back, and I am absolutely disgusted at those who would seek to lump them all together into one fraudulent concept, in order to tear it all down. We need to take all of our hopeful & progressive energy and momentum to the ballot box this November and ensure an absolute landslide, putting the end to any question as to whether we the people are divided, once properly led.